Affordable Wildlife Removal offers a monthly service to rid your property of any nuisance wildlife. We utilize customized deterrents to keep any old or new wildlife from entering or finding new ways to enter an establishment. A wildlife expert will visit the location each month to maintain deterrents and validate that the deterrents are actively working, and/or remove any nuisances that have been caught.

If there is any new activity while utilizing our monthly control program,  the trapping of that animal is free of charge.


Armadillos are expert diggers and like the mole can cause serious damage to lawns and gardens. They often dig in the most undesirable areas: under porches, foundation, or gas/water lines. This can cause significant damage to a foundation. Usually it is recommended to maintain monthly control programs to keep these armadillos away from the establishment.


Birds & Ducks

Birds can be a very difficult distraction for many commercial property owners. They often choose to roost on signs, ledges, and rafters. This causes issues not only because of the mess that is created with nesting materials, but the droppings can accumulate quickly, causing health risks to you, family members, your employees, or customers. Duck droppings can cause also cause these issues. Usually if there is a common lake or communities continue to attract these nuisances by feeding or other means, monthly control is important.

Control Programs

Feral cats

Feral cats  are non-domesticated and living in the wild. They claw, bite, hiss, and are usually known as pretty ferocious. Cats that are living under a deck or porch, making noise, fighting, or stealing pet food left outside can be deterred away from the property with the programs offered at Affordable Wildlife Removal.


Squirrels have easily adapted to humans, frequently using buildings as nesting establishments. They often chew their way into these buildings and create the risk of fire hazards. Squirrel removal is extensive, and with control programs we can use a monthly control to continue to keep the residence nuisance free.


Opossums, or possums, can cause multiple concerns.

  • Live in an attic or under the building
  • Eat and rummage through pet food and garbage
  • Harass pets
  • Carry a terrible scent

They are not technically dangerous, but it is recommended to keep opossums away if you have pets. They can spread diseases and parasites, and are one of the largest carriers of fleas.


There are multiple reasons why monthly control programs are offered for raccoons:

  • Dabbling in the garbage
  • Stealing pet food left outside/bird seed
  • Sick, or potentially rabid

We offer repellents and  prevention options to keep these pests off a property entirely.  Raccoons carry rabies, which is very dangerous and if a pet or person is bit by a raccoon they must seek immediate medical attention.


Rats and mice chew/knaw on anything; including wiring, duct work, and drywall. In fact, rats are responsible for the most home damage caused by any pest. Once removed from the building, Affordable Wildlife Removal can use monthly control programs to keep them off the establishment entirely.


The primary problem with moles are the tunnels. They can leave these messy tunnels all throughout a lawn, including molehills in multiple locations of the territory. Moles are not dangerous, but can ruin a lawn or garden. We offer services that can keep these nuisances from creating their own landscaping.